English text from 2001, Exposition at City-Gallery of Wendlingen


catalogue 2001 - City-Gallery of Wendlingen

Paintings, drawings and objects


By lending the world his body, the artist turns the world into a painting.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty


"In the visual arts, a fundamental chance is available for people to make the way they feel about the world apparent and to reflect upon the sense of perception and the consciousness of the age.

The intent of contemporary art is to act as an aesthetical provocation in the output of ideas and to reveal the present-day state of thought and action.


The artist, Michael Starz, is concerned with the opening up of stagnating perceptional and orientational patterns, with the contemplation of concealed potential and with the activation of a sensually determined, intellectual capacity. His work can be encountered in the synthesis of unrestrained impulsiveness, controlled reflection, risk and calculation, which are witness to both a radical subjective and elementary development. In his complex artistic work the painter sounds out, over and again, the co-ordinates of human experience and the world we live in..."


Kathrin Elvers-Svamberk

(English translation by Anthea Fritsch)


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